Data and Information Management

Staffing Trends in Public Colleges and Universities: A National Analysis 2001–2009
Over the past four years, with support from the Lumina Foundation, SHEEO staff have been working to develop a broad, up-to-date database of po
SHEEO’s involvement in data issues dates back to its initial contract with the National Center for Education Statistics in 1976, one of the early e
The Board of Governors' Annual Accountability Report – Distilled to a 28-page summary of comparative data on more than 40 key metrics, this is a ne
This report provides background and linkages necessary to bring state-level experience to bear in implementing the Student Right-to-Know Act, parti
This is a 2009 study conducted by SHEEO that cataloged 59 state-level student unit record (SUR) data systems containing postsecondary data in 44 st
A 2012 study conducted by SHEEO that updates Strong Foundations: The State of State Postsecondary Data Systems (2010), de
President Obama, philanthropic and policy organizations, and states have set bold goals essentially to double the number of postsecondary degrees a
A rapidly changing global economy, shifting demographics, and concerns about our ability to maintain a competitive workforce have focused national
For two decades, SHEEO has both supported and monitored developments in statewide higher education data systems.
The national need for improved educational performance has led to increased demand for better data to monitor and improve outcomes.
Using Data to Demonstrate Effectiveness: Building an Evidence-Based System for Teacher Preparation