SHEEO Query RE How States Fund Medical School

March 10, 2016

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Texas currently has the following types of public institutions that offer programs in health-related disciplines: stand-alone health-related institutions, universities that include a medical college, and universities that don’t include a medical college, but have nursing and/or allied health degree programs.  The Texas Legislature is interested in knowing how other states that have stand-alone public medical schools and universities that offer one or more health-related degrees, fund their health-related programs. It is not interested in private institutions.

In order to provide information about how states fund public medical education, we are asking that you complete the following survey. (A hard copy of the survey is attached if you prefer to fill it out, scan it, and return it.)  Because of rapidly approaching legislative hearings, we hope you are able to do so as soon as possible.

Full survey and state responses are here.

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