SHEEO Query RE Coordinating Board Regalia

On March 10, 2014, SHEEO sent the following query:

Dear Coordinating Board SHEEOs:
The Regents of the Oklahoma State Regents of Higher Education wear academic regalia at commencements, convocations, investitures, and other formal university events. For many years, they have worn light blue robes. It is time to order replacement robes, so the System Office is interested in the following:

1.       Do your coordinating board members wear academic regalia specific to your board (rather than using either the regalia of the institution hosting the event or the regalia of the institution from which the board member earned a degree)?
2.       If so, what colors are worn in terms of the robes and of hoods?
3.       Is there any special symbolism unique to your state that led to the choice of colors?

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