Good Policy, Good Practice II: Improving Outcomes and Productivity in Higher Education: A Guide for Policymakers

This new edition of Good Policy, Good Practice II revises and updates the 2007 publication. Like the earlier edition, it responds to one of the questions that is raised most frequently in our work with public policy and education leaders as they begin to address the national and state imperatives to increase the proportion of Americans who enroll in college programs and complete degrees and certificates, and to improve the cost effectiveness and affordability of higher education. Their question is: Are there proven policies, programs, and practices that we can learn from?

The answer is clearly “yes.” Good Policy, Good Practice II describes some of the programs and practices that hold the most promise for raising educational productivity. This second edition attempts to rectify a shortcoming of the initial report—the need to be explicit about the requirement for convergence of policy and practice. The lack of connection between institutional attempts to improve practice and public policy that supports these innovations explains, in no small part, the limited implementations of many of the innovative educational practices proven to be most effective. We call attention to the need for policy change if current and future innovations are to be systematically developed, supported, replicated, implemented on a large scale, and sustained. Significant progress in the absence of both institutional and policy leadership working in tandem is unlikely.

A Joint Report from The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education and The National Center for Higher Education Management Systems.

Publication Date: 
Monday, November 1, 2010
Meghan Wilson Brenneman, Patrick M. Callan, Peter T. Ewell, Joni E. Finney, Dennis P. Jones, Stacey Zis