Adult Promise Program: Design Plans

SHEEO Adult Promise Design Template

This document is intended to serve as a playbook to guide states through the implementation and pilot year of such a program. This design template focuses on the state-level levers that SHEEO agencies can utilize to implement new policies or programs.  Successful implementation of an adult promise program also requires buy-in from and collaboration with postsecondary institutions as well as other state agencies and key policymakers. This document offers suggestions to maximize input from a wide spectrum of stakeholders. Download the PDF here.

State Pilot Plans (drafts are subject to change)

Indiana's Adult Promise:

Indiana Adult Promise Grant Summary (December 2017)

Maine's Adult Promise:

Maine Adult Promise Statement of Work (July 2017)

Maine Adult Promise Timeline & Deliverables (July 2017)

Minnesota State Returning Scholars: 

Minnesota Adult Promise Program Description (June 2017)

Minnesota Reconnect webpage

Oklahoma's Adult Promise:

Oklahoma One Pager (June 2017)

Oklahoma Grant Summary (June 2017)

Oklahoma Adult Promise Timeline

100 Critical Occupations list

Key Economic Networks Map (August 2015)

Washington Adult Reengagement Framework:

Program Plans for Washington (June 2017)