Adult Promise Pilot Program: About the Project

In 2016, SHEEO received support from Lumina Foundation to assess the interest in and feasibility of creating promise-type aid programs geared towards non-traditional, adult students. These programs promise to cover the cost of tuition and fees for eligible students. Initial results from this feasibility study indicate interest in developing these programs.

With continued support from Lumina Foundation, SHEEO is now working with five states (Indiana, Maine, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Washington) to design and implement promise-type programs for adult students in 2017 through 2019. These programs will offer the promise of free college tuition and fees for a specific subset of students in a state. In some states, these programs include a strong mentoring component, designed to help students navigate postsecondary education and succeed. There are promise programs underway in several states, but most are geared toward recent high school graduates and exclude adult students.

As a part of this work, SHEEO has hosted two meetings in Boulder, CO for the participating states and outside policy experts. Summaries and key takeaways from these meetings are available here: