Andy Carlson

Vice President of Finance Policy and Member Services
(303) 541-1607

Mr. Carlson joined SHEEO in September 2011. He currently serves as vice president of finance policy and member services. He manages the annual State Higher Education Finance report (SHEF) and project, and works on various other initiatives including the Adult Promise Pilot Program and the periodic Tuition, Fee, and Financial Aid Policy survey.

Prior to joining SHEEO, Mr. Carlson worked for six years at the Colorado Department of Higher Education (the state’s coordinating board) as the budget and financial aid director. In this role, he managed and developed governing board and state-level budget appropriation requests. In addition, he was responsible for the collection, analysis, and presentation of institution-level financial data, including tuition and fee revenue, student FTE, and detailed revenue and expenditure reporting.

Prior to working at DHE, Mr. Carlson worked at the Colorado Office of the State Auditor and the Bighorn Center for Public Policy. He holds an M.P.A. degree from the University of Colorado-Denver and a B.A. in history from Indiana University.