SHEEO Query RE Deferred Facility Maintenance Needs

SHEEO Information Request Regarding Deferred Maintenance
October 29, 2015

SHEEO Query:

Members:  Peter Blake of Virginia has a question about how common it is for states to appropriate money (cash or debt service) separately for major deferred facility maintenance needs of their public colleges and universities.

Virginia has a maintenance reserve program that provides funding for major facility repairs (up to $1 million per project) that are not addressed in the institutions’ operating budgets and usually are too small to qualify for state capital outlay funding.  Examples include roof repair, boiler and chiller replacement, and electrical system upgrades.  This funding is provided in addition to the regular support provided through the Educational and General program for the operation and maintenance of the physical plant.

Could you please let me know whether your state, district, or territory:

a. Appropriates funding specifically and separately for major deferred facilities maintenance needs; or
b. Specifically includes costs for major deferred facilities maintenance in its formula for determining appropriations for colleges and universities but does not make a separate appropriation  for them; or
c. Includes no specific amount for major deferred facilities maintenance needs and assumes that colleges and universities will cover these types of costs from the total resources available  to them.

Summary of responses can be found here.