SHEEO Query RE Salary Increases for Faculty and Staff in Coming Year?

On April 23, 2013, SHEEO sent the query below to finance and budget officers.

One of your colleagues has asked whether the higher education budgeting process for the coming year in your state includes salary increases for faculty and staff.  Understanding the fluidity of the budget process, we’d be grateful for your responses to the following questions:

1. Are salary increases for faculty and staff likely to be included in the budget for higher education next year?
a. ______                Almost certainly, or yes
b. ______                Probably
c. ______                Too early to say
d. ______                Not likely
e. ______                Almost certainly not, or no

2. If salary increases are likely what percentage increase is likely to be budgeted?
a. _______ For faculty
b. _______ For non-academic staff
3. Please add any comments you wish to explain your responses.

4. Your state ____________________    
5. Please check one of the following:
a. ______                I prefer my response to be anonymous
b. ______                It is ok to identify my state with this response; this is public information.


Find a summary of responses here.