SHEEO President Expectations and Attributes


1. A skilled manager with an understanding of finance and a record of success in the complex environment of state and national educational policy;

2. Significant achievement as a decision maker in higher education, foundations, state and national government, or association and organizations;

3. A deep understanding of current national and state higher education policies and issues which may become professional development opportunities for SHEEOs and staff;

4. The wherewithal to initiate and build relationships, projects, and partnerships, and facilitate collaborations and coalitions across and within organizations;

5. Political acumen and skills to work with federal, gubernatorial, and legislative leadership in conjunction with advocating members’ needs;

6. Professional concern motivated by service and commitment to higher education; 

7. Success in fundraising with federal, state, foundation, industry, and/or other resources;

8. An inspired and inspirational speaker, excellent writer, and superior communicator, as well as careful listener;

9. The ability to be a strong team leader and advocate for the professional development and success of the highly regarded SHEEO staff;

10. A willingness to travel to accomplish SHEEO’s goals nationwide;

11. Demonstrated leadership around policy implementation and engagement of stakeholders to improve educational outcomes for all students, particularly the underserved and underrepresented;

12. Ability to cultivate and maintain external relationships to advance SHEEO’s goals and mission; and the

13. Ability and will to work to ensure the long-term financial stability of the organization.

14. Successful candidate must reside in the greater Boulder, Colorado area.


1. A visionary and strategic leader with the capability to address the extraordinary changes in higher education from changes in federal policy, state budget priorities, technological advances, marketplace competition and student demographics;

2. A thought leader with a strong sense of how to shape and advance higher education public policy initiatives;

3. A passion for the role higher education plays in the success of American society and economy;

4. A focused, energetic, and uncompromised work ethic;

5. An individual who can operate and communicate in a rapidly changing social, economic, and technological environment; and

6. A principled individual with a strong ethical base for personal and professional behavior coupled with the appreciation of different perspectives.