An Open Letter to the Presidential Nominess

Monday, December 5, 2016
On October 19, Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning published an open letter to the presidential nominees entitled “Higher Education, The Road to American Success: An Open Letter to the Presidential Nominees” written by George Pernsteiner, SHEEO, and Rebecca Martin.  This letter called upon the presidential nominees to prioritize student success in higher education by investing in a working relationship between the states and federal government.  George and Rebecca outline specific approaches that the federal government can follow to form a contemporary partnership with states in order to advance the quality of learning and research essential to our success as a nation.  The seven suggested approaches are:
1.      Accessible and affordable higher education for students from every part of American society that leads to program and degree completion
2.      Quality learning that prepares students for success in work and in life
3.      Intelligent use of information to advance student success
4.      Closer connection between postsecondary education and K-12 education
5.      Research, discovery, and innovation to improve the human condition and the economy
6.      Accountability for student success
7.      Less burdensome and prescriptive Federal regulation of higher education
This letter emphasizes how important a partnership between the federal government, states, and colleges and universities is in terms of investment of effort and funds in order to achieve greater student success.  To read the full article, please click here
SHEEO sent the letter to the President-elect in mid-November.