MSC Steering Committee

The MSC is being led by a steering committee of individuals from SHEEO, AAC&U, and each of the nine participating states. Each state has a designated "State Lead" and each campus has a designated "Institution Lead." During the Pilot Study Year, the project is engaging hundreds of faculty in local activities to build capacity to assess and improve student learning. Over time, the project will build upon early efforts and seek to build ongoing opportunities for faculty to learn from and share information with colleagues across departments, institutions, and states about assignment design, assessment techniques, and teaching and learning approaches that increase student success.

Steering Committee meetings and conference call agendas

Steering Committee Members:

STATE HIGHER EDUCATION EXECUTIVE OFFICERS (SHEEO)                                             
Julie Carnahan - MSC Director
Senior Associate
(303) 541-1635

Gloria Auer - MSC Administrative Director
Executive and Editorial Assistant
(303) 541-1625

Terrel Rhodes
Vice President
(202) 387-3760

Rebecca Dolinsky
Manager and Research Analyst
(202) 884-7409

Kate Drezek McConnell
Senior Director forf Research and Assessment
202) 999-8395

Arthur Poole - State Lead  
Director, Educational Opportunity
Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education   (860) 723-0238

Michael Ben-Avie
Director of Assessment
Southern Connecticut State University
(203) 392-5093

Ken Sauer - State Lead
Senior Associate Commissioner for Research & Academic Affairs
Indiana Commission for Higher Education  (317) 464-4400

Noelle Wikert
Academic Affairs Coordinator
Indiana Commission for Higher Education  (317) 464-4400

Melissa Bell - State Lead
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education  (502) 573-1652

Jill Compton
Senior Associate, Student Success
Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education  (502) 573-1555

Brian Doore - State Lead
Director, Office of Assessment
University of Maine  (207)581-1522

Bonnie L. Orcutt - State Lead
Director of Learning Outcomes Assessment
Massachusetts Department of Higher Education  (617) 994-6915

Lynda Milne - State Lead
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities  (651) 201-1887

Lisa Foss
Associate Vice President/Associate Provost
St. Cloud State University  (320) 308-4028

Rusty Monhollon - State Lead
Assistant Commissioner for Academic Affairs
Missouri Department of Higher Education  (573) 751-5221

Angelette Prichett
Research Associate-Academic Affairs/BTOP Grant Administrator
Missouri Department of Higher Education  (573) 522-2150

Kenneth M. Doxsee - State Lead
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Professor, Department of Chemistry
University of Oregon  (541) 346-2846

Sandra Bailey
Director of Assessment
Oregon Institute of Technology
(541) 885-1915

Jeanne Mullaney - State Lead
Program Chair, New England Educational Assessment Network
Assessment Coordinator, Community College of Rhode Island   (401) 825-2478

Phyllis (Teddi) Safman - State Lead
Assistant Commissioner for Academic Affairs
Utah System of Higher Education  (801) 321-7127


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