Executive Director of the Washington State Student Achievement Council


The Council of WSAC seeks a mission-centric, accomplished executive to work collaboratively with the Council and staff in the achievement of specific educational programmatic goals in the areas of student readiness, access, affordability, college success and completion, new opportunities for learning, student transitions through the education system, and stable and accountable funding.

This individual is a visionary, strategic, entrepreneurial leader; someone who is an energetic, enterprising manager, and a creative problem-solver with a commitment to excellence.

Reporting to the Council, the ED is responsible for assisting in the development of the Agency’s 10 year strategic plan, and will be charged with its tactical implementation. S/He is accountable to the Council for all aspects of the Agency’s programmatic, business and financial operations.  S/He provides leadership for the integration of the mission and vision of WSAC. 


There are currently no jobs that match the selected criteria.